Best Sellers

Sachi Sushi

Special Kaisen Don

Assorted fresh fish on sushi rice.


Omakase Set

12 pieces of chef selected nigiri with 4 pcs chef selected maki rolls.


Golden Dragon Roll

Shrimp tempura roll with real crab, unagi eel, and avocado on top.



Soboro Don with Ebi Fry

Ground beef and egg with Ebi Fry (deep fried shrimp) on top of rice.


Beef Katsu Sando

Deep fried New York strip katsu sandwich.


Kurobuta Tonkatsu Bento

Deep fried kurobuta pork served with rice and vegetables


Yue Club

Hong Kong Har Gow

Traditional Cantonese Shrimp Dumpling with Pork, Bamboo Shoot.


Siu Mai

House made pork dumpling with shrimp.


Salty Egg Yolk Bun

Steamed bun filled with salted egg yolk lava.


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